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Traditionally, when we’re talking of converting a file to a PDF, we think of a Word document but other files can be converted into a PDF, such as an Excel spreadsheet, a jpeg image and even a Powerpoint presentation.

Whilst the most well-known and popular software solution to convert files to PDFs is Adobe Acrobat, nowadays there are a wide range of software solutions online.  It is even possible to convert a Word document into a PDF via the Google Chrome browser.  The majority of software solutions available, for example Foxit, Nuance, Bluebeam and Nitro, require subscription and prices vary, but if you only want to convert a few files to PDF on an occasional basis, then there are free software solutions available including PDFCreator, SodaPDF, PrimoPDF and PDF FactoryPro.

Converting a PDF

If you have an up-to-date Windows operating system then saving a Word document, or Excel spreadsheet, a Powerpoint presentation or a Publisher file is simple.  Open the file or document you wish to convert to a PDF, click the Save As option on the dropdown menu.

Save as

Change the Save as type option to PDF, and click Save.

Save as type

Saving a file as a PDF document using a PDF converter software solution is a simple task.  For example, Nitro PDF offer a comprehensive solution for a monthly or yearly subscription that gives you a host of tools including creating, merging, combining and converting files, editing, marking up and reviewing PDFs, and adding e-signatures to documents that are legally binding.  Their cloud version also allows the sharing of PDFs among work colleagues.  However, they also offer a free online Word to PDF converter that is very easy to use.  Click on ‘Select your file’ to upload the document you wish to convert, add the email address for the converted file to be sent, then just click ‘Convert Now’.

Nitro PDF online converter

For the conversion of one or two files or jpegs on an occasional basis, then using a free online PDF converter is a good option.  However, if you are planning on converting files and jpegs on a regular basis or a small business that is looking to share PDFs within the workspace, then subscribing to a PDF solution is going to be the better choice.

Nowadays it is also possible to convert PDFs back to their original format, i.e. a Word document, a jpeg image, an Excel spreadsheet or a PowerPoint presentation.  Using online software, such as PDF Converter, upload the PDF you wish to convert, select the format you want the PDF converted to and then click ‘Convert’.

PDF Converter

Embedding a PDF

With the rise of the Internet and the creation of a multitude of websites, a recent feature is being able to used PDFs to embed ebooks and other forms of long documents into a website using .pdf formatted and thereby converting a PDF into a web page.  It is important to note that when using the term ‘embedded files’ in respect PDFs, the inference is not to ‘non-text’ elements in a PDF.

There are two simple ways to embed a PDF file into a web page.  When the .pdf formatted file is a full page and it will be read as a PDF using a browser, link your PDF file with <a> tag.  For example, <a href=”http://localhost/learning-pdf>.  An alternative method when using a .pdf formatted file as part of a web page, i.e. enabling the display of PDFs within a blog post, use the <embed> tag in HTML editor.

Converting a file to a PDF ensures security, maximises space and makes the sharing of documents is easier with anyone.

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